OPINION: The Decline of Network News and Entertainment


There is no doubt that network television continues to get more coarse and more disgusting every day, with more shows containing explicit sex, gratuitous violence, unfunny jokes about sexual intercourse, and who can forget social liberal propaganda? Not to mention news organizations outside of a few sources like the Fox News Channel, the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal (and NBC’s Brian Williams to an extent) move more and more to the left every day, protecting the Obama administration no matter what, and demonizing and smearing people who disagree with them.

In a 2013 article written by Townhall.com columnist Rachel Alexander, NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX combined saw a 9% drop in viewers in the key 18-49 age bracket as a result of the trash airing on those networks. That’s what happens when you alienate more than half of the population. The strange thing about the FOX network is, despite being owned by the same company as Fox News Channel, there is a huge disconnect between the two networks. FOX’s flagship entertainment program  – The Simpsons – rightfully put it this way, if the Fox News Channel is conservative, why is the much older entertainment network resorting to edge? The main reason is because the media mogul who runs the show, Ruper Murdoch, mainly doesn’t really manage the network, which is mainly run by Hollywood elitists much like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Roger Ailes on the other hand knows Middle America, and he created a news channel which reflected that. Not to mention the Fox brand still creates movies (mainly under their flagship 20th Century Fox film studio’s family entertainment division) that the whole of the American public can resonate with. Case in point, the upcoming Blue Sky Studios animated film, The Peanuts Movie, which is set for release this coming November.

Digital sub channels are becoming popular as well, especially those that focus on classic TV programming. Case in point, Weigel Broadcasting/MGM’s Me-TV and Tribune Media’s Aentenna TV. Both focus on classic shows such as Green Acres, Father Knows Best, Leave It to Beaver, and I Dream of Jeannie. Shows that entertain without the need for gratuitous content such as sex scenes, sexual or political humor (which mostly leans left), and political correctness. As digital channels like Me-TV and Aentenna TV and streaming services like Netflix become popular, network TV, in terms of both news and entertainment, is increasingly getting worse. Here are two examples from the Disney-owned ABC television network.

Number 1. ABC News continues to produce sympathetic interviews with President Barack Obama, conducted by now-retired journalist Barbara Walters. According to NewsBusters.org, the questions Walters asked Obama back in 2011 were similar to the questions a YouTube star who interviewed him asked recently. ABC’s Good Morning America was doing nothing but fawning over this interview. ABC is basically doing what Obama wanted them to do all along, fawn over him no matter what, and smear people with whom he disagrees.

Number 2. ABC Studios and screenwriter John Ridley (who did the film 12 Years a Slave) have created a show called American Crime, which is set to premiere in March. It portrays opposition to radical Islamic terror and illegal immigration as racial profiling and bigotry. There’s no question it will incite hatred against American conservatives across the country, but Ridley doesn’t seem to care what the majority of Americans would think, because he’s another part of the Hollywood elite who only cares what people in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco want to see. He ought to be ashamed of himself. While he rolls in the millions he makes spewing out this garbage, people around the world are being killed by Islamic terrorists (such as the attack that occurred in France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine), and of course people who make the choice to come here to the US illegally while the American and Mexican governments don’t do anything about it. His arrogance is horrifying. During the 1950’s and 1960’s respectively, Cesar Chavez might have been disgusted at such propaganda, and  Martin Luther King, Jr. would have slapped him across the face. But today, the actions by both ABC and Ridley are largely ignored.

That must change, so I’m asking all of my readers today to stop tuning into the networks for entertainment and information respectively, and go to alternative sources such as Me-TV and Fox News or Newsmax. Plus, see American Sniper this weekend to give your respects to the people who fight for our country and our freedoms. That way, the media and Hollywood elites might get the message. Even if you disagree with conservatives on issues such as terrorism and immigration, no one should be watching a show as stupid and politically correct as American Crime. The networks become more and more unhinged everyday.



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