OPINION: What Easter Means for Christians


Yesterday was Easter Sunday, which meant Christians celebrated the death and resurrection of a religious man – Jesus. It was a time to gather your family around and go to church and celebrate that event. Neither the media nor Hollywood ever tell you anything about this. Instead, networks like WGN America put out trash like Salem. Nice huh.

Enough with that though, let’s move on. That evening, I caught my father watching the 2004 Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ. Before that film’s release, there was nothing else like it. What differentiates The Passion from other movies about Jesus was its R rating. The main reason for this was because of the fact that Gibson does not censor what really happened to Christ on the day he was crucified. As a result, the film is not recommended at all to be watched by children, but this stuff happened to Jesus back then, and you can’t really deny that. The film was released at a time (which continues today) when Christian movies were ridiculed by Hollywood. Critics didn’t even like the film because of the fact that it was a Christian film, and yet they give filth like Fifty Shades of Grey a complete pass.

Carolina Culture Warrior believes the War on Christianity is coming to an end here in America, even though it continues on in the Middle East. Popular culture however, especially these days, still thinks that Christian views are outdated on religious holidays such as easter, and it will take honest organizations and people to combat this kind of secularization. One of those few organizations? Hallmark Cards of Kansas City, Missouri, who posted a very creative picture on their Facebook page saying He is Risen. Hallmark witnessed nothing but positive comments on this photo. The picture was predictably ignored by the media, but the company’s courage stands in stark contrast to the attempts to secularize or demonize the holiday by the media and pop culture. As for those who are trying to demonize religious freedom, we will leave with them by saying this:

“The Bible talks an awful lot about love and loving your fellow man….You’re not loving them if you don’t want to serve them – right?”

You’re right, it does. But you’re taking the Bible out of context. Your day is done.



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