Animation Studio Propagandizes Against GOP


The Glendale-based studio DreamWorks Animation is run by a liberal man named Jeffrey Katzenberg, who supported Barack Obama twice in 2008 & in 2012, and is supporting Hillary Clinton in this year’s election. He also uses some of his work to promote his liberal agenda. According to The Huffington Post, a recent episodes of their Netflix program All Hail King Julien, a spinoff of the Madagascar film series, features a song called “Don’t Touch Our Stuff”, which lampoons the entire GOP, and HuffPo says that Katzenberg approved for show runner Mitch Watson to engage in the indoctrination:

“All Hail” attempts to satirize many aspects of American pop culture and politics. “We’ve done episodes on gun control (the lemurs begin arming themselves with deadly scorpions that ultimately turn on them),” said Watson in a long list of examples, including the richest 1 percent, religion vs. science and trigger warnings. In a particularly scary prescience for today, Watson also mentioned that the show created a satire about “starting a war on a supposed ‘weaker’ species to bond your kingdom (Julien attacks the Butterfly Kingdom only to discover they are insane warriors).”

That is simply disgraceful and outrageous, and Jeffrey Katzenberg is a coward for putting that out there, he’s also a liar.  It’s hard to believe that the election, as well as gun control, trigger warnings and other issues (as the article unfortunately endorsed) would even be a subject on a children’s TV show of all things. If you’ve been reading sources that are neither blaming Christians for the Orlando attack nor are concerned about such politically correct issues such as “Islamophobia”, you know that we should be concerned about ISIS, not guns.

Again, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the president and CEO of DreamWorks Animation, is a despicable human being for exploiting and distorting such very complicated issues on a children’s cartoon of all things. Enough is enough with these liberal Hollywood elites who shove propaganda down our throats under the guise of family entertainment. Patriotic Americans can debate controversial issues respectfully. Trump is one person, and no one else in the GOP has demonized any human beings. And the CIA even confirmed that people should unite against ISIS, and not gun violence. I can’t tell you how angry I am about this DreamWorks Animation situation. Which is no accident, since the company’s being acquired by NBCUniversal, whose namesake broadcast network is propaganda central in the USA. It’s also has the second-lowest ratings of any network.

Again, enough is enough. Jeffrey Katzenberg needs to be called out.



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