The Washington Post Barred from Trump Campaign


No one can deny the political bias that permeates The Washington Post. The indispensable newspaper, which was put on the map thanks to the Watergate scandal, offers solid coverage of political affairs (obvious since it’s based in DC), but does so from a decidedly left-of-center worldview. Color me not surprised when I read on the Media Research Center’s website a column from Brent Bozell and Tim Graham congratulating presidential candidate Donald Trump for barring the Post‘s press credentials. In a column released today, they said this:


Attacking the media is categorized as “grotesque” and “vindictive.” And then they added: “Mr. Trump capped a day of assaulting fundamental liberal democratic values by announcing he would ban Post reporters from covering his campaign events. If this is his inclination now, imagine how he might wield the powers of the presidency.”

Many imagine he’d be a wonderful breath of fresh air, refusing to indulge the arrogant elites in the press.

For those of you who don’t know, I have not been very fond of Mr. Bozell lately. You can definitely tell that he has flip-flopped from opposing Trump to now overly supporting him. He and Mr. Graham even decided to follow Trump’s antics with this closing line:

Dear Washington Post: please get over yourselves and your completely inaccurate self-image as the essence of fairness, accuracy, and nonpartisanship.

I thought that ending statement was pretty juvenile and off the deep end coming from a usually tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy like Bozell, but it just goes to show how individual people working in the press nowadays simply want to destroy the conservative movement, and will do anything in their power to succeed. One example is a segment that was seen on the CBS Evening News this week, where a correspondent had the absolute gall to blame Christians for Sunday’s terrorist shooting in Orlando. CBS anchor Scott Pelley obviously should have known one of his reporters would do something like this, but that proves another point about why no one trusts mass media of any kind outside of a few sources. People like Pelley – who I think (and a friend of mine who works at the website also came up with the same analogy) is the straight man of all the people working at the “big three” TV networks, relatively speaking – are too afraid to speak out against the kind of bias these sources let their younger journalists get away with. However, what else would you expect from a network who has a show called Madam Secretary, which is a show that is obviously shilling to have Hillary Clinton become president?

With what the situation between WaPo and the Donald proves, Hollywood and the news media are in full force. Expect more so-called “news” stories and “Very Special Episodes” trashing conservatives in the days to come.




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