Entertainment’s Winners & Losers: Fourth of July Weekend Edition

Another Fourth of July Weekend has come and gone, and many average Americans continue to appreciate the day and what it means. Sure, there are barbecues, fireworks, and more, but it’s important to note that Independence Day is also a celebration of the American Dream, as well as the foundation of our country, and what it means to be an American citizen.

Unfortunately, the entertainment industry has gone out of its way to ignore or downplay its significance. However, there are some exceptions. That’s what this special Fourth of July edition of Entertainment’s Winners & Losers is all about.

Winner – 20th Century Fox, Patriotic Marketing for Stuber

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 months since 20th Century Fox and associated entertainment assets were officially sold to Disney. And the legendary movie studio decided to market their new Kumasi Nanjiani/Dave Bautista comedy movie Stuber, which also happens to be Disney’s first R-rated movie in years, with some very patriotic flavor. On Friday afternoon, they took to Twitter and posted this:

Of course, the bleeped-out 4 letter words were a bit much (this IS a Fox Studios film after all, and they’ve been notorious about these edgy offerings for years). But, the slight patriotism seen in this promotion with the words “Freedom” and “Fireworks” in their page gives this writer a feeling they got their cues from the now-separate and much more patriotic Fox News, which – unlike its namesake’s new sister company ABC – gave the courtesy to broadcast the Fourth of July parade and did not openly bash it.

It’s good to know that Fox actually acknowledges the Fourth of July is a celebration of American freedom. And for that, it is a Winner.

Loser – Showtime, The Loudest Voice

Speaking of Fox News, it turns out that smearing the popular news organization wasn’t a ratings winner after all. Breitbart News reports that the Showtime miniseries The Loudest Voice – a hit-job on Fox News focused on co-founder Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment allegations – debuted to a paltry 299,000 in the 25-54 demographic. In the 18-34 and 18-49 range, the ratings were even worse, with only 8,000 viewers and 25,000 viewers respectively.

With big names like Russel Crowe and Family Guy‘s Seth McFarlane as major players in the project, that wasn’t enough to make it successful. Apparently, that wasn’t the case. Christian Toto had the perfect response:

Fox News’ biggest sin, to its liberal detractors, is giving half the country a voice. Are we really supposed to be offended when Ailes glibly compares President Barack Obama to Hitler in “The Loudest Voice”  … after hearing major news networks do the same to President Donald Trump?

That is dead on. And since Seth MacFarlane has worked with Mr. Murdoch in the past (Family Guy and The Orville continue to be produced by 20th Century Fox TV), that would be a good case of biting the hand that once fed you.

Showtime and parent company CBS are Losers.

Winner – Disney, Still Recognizing Fourth of July

While its ABC brand wasted July 4th trashing Trump and refusing to be patriotic, its parent company Disney at least still acknowledged the event. For example, the official Facebook page for Mickey Mouse posted this picture with Red, White and Blue fireworks and the following message:

Of course, the picture mentions nothing about freedom compared to Fox’s post about Stuber, but at least you get to see the colors of the flag in the fireworks.

And speaking of fireworks, Disney’s most patriotic display this weekend happened to be the Disney Celebrates America fireworks show held at Walt Disney World in Florida, which the resort complex live-streamed. Not only was it dazzling, but it fully embraced the history of our country, and offered a very valuable lesson in American pride. If you want to see the full show, check it out down below:

It’s definitely good to know that there are still some very patriotic people working at Disney, and ABC could learn from their corporate cousins at the parks not to let their hate for the president get in the way of putting American first. The same thing goes with Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick.

As always, Disney is a winner.

Loser – Major TV Brands, Celebrating Pride Month While Refusing to Acknowledge Independence Day

On the subject of ABC, you probably already know that the broadcast networks refused to air the Fourth of July parade and trashed it as well as President Trump for being patriotic. That’s no surprise, as some of these networks even downplayed the real reason behind Independence Day, used soundbites from liberal TV shows to celebrate, and/or refused to celebrate it at all on social media. Among the parties guilty of one, if not all, these things include CBS, Disney-owned networks ABC and Freeform, and kids’ channels like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel.

And yet these same channels had no trouble at all celebrating LGBT pride month. For example, Nickelodeon painted their logo in rainbow colors, while Cartoon Network posted an image based on The Powerpuff Girls with a message saying “Happy Pride.” And both of these networks are aimed at young children. Freeform, not surprisingly, also had a special Pride campaign. Plus, all three broadcast networks had social media posts celebrating Pride Month as well.

That should tell you everything to know about a majority of mainstream television today. Losers? Absolutely.



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