The Latest Hollywood Film to Bash the U.S. Military

Just in time for Halloween, a new war movie called The Kill Team – based on a documentary of the same name released back in 2013 – has been released this weekend. Only a few select theaters will show it, but the far-left bomb throwers at New York City’s A24 movie studio are pushing the project hard.

First screened at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival and starring former Nickelodeon personality Nat Wolff and Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård (brother of Bill Skarsgård, who played Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the It duology of horror films), the film portrays American soldiers fighting in the War in Afghanistan as mass murderers who kill innocent civilians in that country, among committing other war crimes.

The Kill Team is based on a true story and the facts are “dramatized,” according to the New York Times. But there are plenty of stories of heroism that the filmmakers could have focused on instead of this.

A24 is no stranger to left-wing agitprop. But, you can now count anti-American hatred into that resume as well; as this latest movie joins in the ranks of anti-war, and anti-military movies such as Redacted and Lions for LambsWhether this movie is a box office bomb or a surprise financial hit (especially among arthouse movie buffs) will be anybody’s guess.

The aforementioned Lions for Lambs was a Robert Redford film that came out in 2007. Despite a massive media push — ABC devoted 19 minutes to it in one day — the anti-Iraq war movie lost millions.

There comes a point in time in this country where we need to vote with our moviegoing dollars, and we are at that point. A24 has a right to make this leftist piece of trash, and the American public has a right to just not go to the movie entirely. Over the past few years, I’ve seen multiple movies and TV shows portray those who dare disagree with the views of the liberal cast and crew who make them possible in a bad light, and have blamed Trump, Republicans, and even the USA as a whole for all that’s wrong with the world.

As stated in my piece about the History Channel miniseries Six (produced by disgraced former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein) back in 2017, liberals aren’t doing this, far-left lunatics are. And A24 certainly falls within that group. Obviously, even if you disagree with the policies of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, we owe our soldiers deep support and gratitude for their service and dedication to protect our freedoms. Any American individual or institution who would paint our military in this kind of light should be condemned.

A24 ought to be ashamed of themselves.



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